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Document management: Don't follow the herd
Keeping your documents safe & secure


When it comes to buying ICT equipment or software the options usually outweigh the advice.

At PaperZoo we have experience in the ICT procurement process and we can assist you in making the right choice by helping you follow some simple steps:

  • Clearly define what the business needs is
  • Create a requirements criteria
  • Look at an limitations in place
  • Involve the users
  • Engineer a mechanism for scoring the possible options
  • Create any documentation required
  • Shortlist if required
  • Re-examine the preferred solution
  • Negotiate terms
  • Decide an implementation Plan
  • Deliver the solution
  • Review the Process
  • Ensure instant access and retrieval via your own proprietary software, or view our own Electronic Document Management (EDM) system
  • Provide peace of mind - Every single scanned image we capture is duplicated for disaster recovery purposes

The scale of the project will dictate how involved each stage is, but the principals should remain the same for any purchase. Shopping for ICT solutions is not like buying clothes Ė You canít take it back!

Remember buy right, buy once

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