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Software Review & Implementation

There are many reasons why a piece of software doesnít reap the rewards promised by its vendor. Maybe it wasnít installed correctly or its just wasnít sold to its user-base. Maybe itís not fit for purpose or the training wasnít adequate. Maybe it needs to be configured differently or the hardware isnít up to running the application as it should. The point is that choosing the right piece of software is vital, but making sure itís implemented correctly can make or break even the best solutions.

Thousands of organisations throw out software each and every year only to replace that software with something twice the price and even less effective. Before making a decision to scrap a piece of software it is vital that the software in place be reviewed, if only to ensure that itís weaknesses are addressed fully by its replacement. The review process should cover everything from functional requirements to end-user aspiration, detailing what is needed and how that tracks back to the business driver behind it.

Software review is as much about business review as it is ICT. If we know exactly what the business needs then we can score the software against those needs and identify areas for improvement. At PaperZoo we have consultants that are not only experts in business analysis but also understand the software markets and the pitfalls contained within. Completely changing your core software can set your business back upto two years; make sure your getting the best out of what youíve got!

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